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Service Opportunities

One way to assist in your own recovery, to keep coming to meetings, work the 12th Step, and to give back to others what you have gained, is to do service in NicA. There are many, many ways to do this, from the simple task of helping with set-up at your meeting, volunteering to take a meeting position for six months or so, sponsoring others, to volunteering to help on the Intergroup and World Services level. Talk to your sponsor or the meeting chair for information. What are you good at? Offer that to others!

Do you have a friend who smokes? Do you know a doctor? Have a dentist? Do you go to a library? Or attend NicA meetings? Now you can share lots of information about Nicotine Anonymous in Northern California and beyond by printing out and giving them our new Outreach Brochure ( PDF file), or sending them a link to it. Be of service by using this great new tool to help inform others of our fellowship. Many doctors, dentists, nurses, and others in the medical professions have never heard of Nicotine Anonymous, but would happily use this brochure to refer their patients if they knew of it.

For more on volunteering for an Intergroup committee, join us at our next Intergroup meeting or visit our Events page for contact information.


It is suggested that services positions are held for six months, but any length of time will help you maintain your abstinence and will be appreciated by your group.

• Secretary
• Co-secretary
• Treasurer
• Chips Person
• Coffee/tea person
• Greeter
• Literature Person
• Tape Librarian
• Birthday cards person

Intergroup meetings are the second Saturday of odd months at 11:00 a.m. (subject to change)
• Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Hotline
• Outreach
• Delegate to annual conference
• Member/volunteer
• Web site servant

• Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Editor of Seven Minutes Newsletter
• Webmaster
• Outreach Coordinator
• Traditions Committee
• Other committees
• and many more ... see the Web site

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