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Our Promises

On our path to freedom, joy, and serenity, we are guided by the Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous, which allow us to successfully steer the treacherous curves of craving, emotionality, turmoil and unmanageability. Our spiritual life is not a theory; we have to live it.

Physical improvement for many of us has been almost immediate. Our sense of smell and taste returns; the world takes on a new dimension of color and clarity. Our self-esteem is fueled by the genuine realization that a Power greater than ourselves has pulled us from the muck of denial where we have been ever so slowly killing ourselves. We no longer have to answer the "craving call" every twenty minutes! We choose to ask for the help this program offers so that we can reduce our risk of becoming one of the millions of premature nicotine related deaths each year. What relief!

We are learning to assert ourselves where previously we have been aggressive or passive; we are also beginning to love ourselves. As the numbness lifts, we begin to feel again, sometimes, to the temporary peril of those around us!

Gradually, our interest is focusing on Nicotine Anonymous rather than nicotine. We begin to forget we had been nicotine users, except at meetings. We now realize we have been participating in a grand hoax. We haven't given up anything at all!

Health is a new experience. We are humbly grateful for this gift. Our Higher Power, through this program, has done for us what we could not do for ourselves.

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