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Welcome to Northern California Intergroup of Nicotine Anonymous

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Nicotine Anonymous is a fellowship of people helping each other to live our lives free of nicotine. The only requirement for membership is the DESIRE to stop using nicotine.

If you're a newcomer and want to attend a meeting, check the Schedule page for a list of meetings near you.

The Questions and Answers page is a great way to get answers to common questions. You are welcome to attend a meeting while you are still using nicotine, as long as you have the desire to live life free from active addiction to nicotine.

Members: check out the Intergroup Events page, Service page and explore other parts of the Web site.

Especially, check out the newly updated Service page for a link to a great new Outreach brochure that you can download and use to help reach other still-suffering nicotine addicts. This can be an easy way to be of service while helping to grow the fellowship.

Nicotine Anonymous is Built on the Foundation of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

The Twelve Steps are the heart of our program and encompass the spiritual aspects of our program of recovery. Newcomers are especially encouraged to study, understand and make use of the benefits of the first three steps. The Steps are a process of self-discovery and a journey toward spiritual peace. Everything in the program is suggested; nothing is required except having the desire to live nicotine free. The fellowship supports recovery, it does not demand it.

As the Twelve Steps provide a spiritual approach to living life in a way that can support ongoing freedom from nicotine, The Twelve Traditions provide a framework for our fellowship, creating a safe space for members to interact with each other in our groups, and guide us in our dealings with other groups and Nicotine Anonymous as a whole.

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(updated July 2024)

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New Meeting in East Bay
Monday 8:00 pm

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Heard about My Gift of Gratitude? It's a great way to support the fellowship!

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